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Satyajit Bhattaharya (Satya), a final year student of Delhi College of Engineering [DCE] left his home at Gurgaon for college at about 11:00 on April 5, 2006. He was reportedly drowned at 16:30 on the same day in the Western Yamuna canal behind DCE within the jurisdiction of Sahabad Dairy PP under Bawana PS, while in the company of his college mates(!) Akshat and Tapan, who, it was given to understand, were the only witnesses to the reported incident.

Satya's dead body was found after eleven days on Aplril 16, 2006 floating near the same place where he was reportedly drowned and after extensive search by private divers for two days, Fire Brigade for many days and by Indian Navy divers for days failed to trace him.

The police not only took no interest in the case but it appears that tried to discourage and mislead. The victim's father - an esteemed scholar in his own right - is pursuing every possible avenue and running around from pillar to post for justice with the authorities despite his age and frail health but to no avail so far. However, there are some who have a heart and have come forward to help in whatever way they can and that is what helps maintain the hope and resolve.

This website is maintained by a subset of Indian Statistical Institute alumni
where Dr. C.G. Bhattacharya - the father of the victim - was an esteemed Professor of Statistics
in its Delhi Centre till his retirement.