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Sequence of Events

From 05/04/06 [when my son left home] to 16/04/06 [when his dead body was recovered]
  1. Satya left home [Sushant Lok-1, Gurgaon] for college [DCE] about 11:00 to meet some of his college mates and collect notes and past question papers.
  2. At about 17:15 we received a call from Vivek [college mate], who said “Satya pani me doob gaya. Ap jaldi a jaiye”. Shocked and stunned we immediately connected with Satya's mobile phone no. 9891623151. The call was received by Bhagwati [college mate]. We asked for Tapan [college mate], whom we knew and who was one of those Satya was to meet on that day, but the line got disconnected abruptly. Tapan called back and confirmed that Satya had drowned and efforts were being made to get divers for the search operation.
  3. We reached the site after picking up my daughter and son in law from Karol Bag at about 20:45 to find no sign of any divers or police. There were just Tapan and some college mates around. Tapan informed me that he along with Satya and Akshat [college mate] were splashing water near the shore of the canal when Satya suddenly slipped and drowned. Akhsat gave a slightly different version and said that Satya suddenly slipped and drowned while three of them were seated on the same stone near the edge of the canal. These two versions were essentially reversed when they spoke to my son in law in more detail. They gave conflicting accounts of how they reached the canal and whether they consumed alcohol/marijuana. Tapan said that he and Satya went to the canal in his car and Akshat joined them by climbing the boundary wall from inside DCE. But Akshat said that all three of them reached the canal by climbing the boundary wall from inside DCE. Tapan said that they had consumed two bottles of beer before coming to the canal and smoked 2–3 joints of marijuana on the bank of the canal. But Akshat said that they did not consume alcohol or marijuana. Tapan, additionally, told me that he had lunch with Satya and that Satya took antidepressant after lunch. Satya's personal belongings consisting of shirt, jeans, shoes, mobile phone and photocopies of past question papers made by him earlier on that day were kept in Akshat's car. These with the exception of the photocopies of past question papers were handed over to us by Tapan.
  4. Thereafter we proceeded to the Shahabad dairy PP where we found that they had already received the information of the drowning incident. After an hour long persuasion by us, the Police did a sort of mock interrogation of Akshat and Tapan. Written statements giving the same conflicting accounts of how they reached the canal and whether they consumed alcohol/marijuana were signed by the two in the presence of one of the senior-most professors of DCE who along with a few other staff members had joined us at the PP at my request. Both changed their earlier versions of ”Satya slipped and drowned in the canal” to”Satya drowned while trying to swim”. Just when we were about to leave the PP at about midnight after spending nearly two and a half hours there, Police demanded that Satya's personal belongings be handed over to them. The same were handed over and included the photocopies of past qustion papers which Tapan handed over directly to the Police from Akshat's car. The personal belongings were not inspected in our presence and no receipt was issued for these.
  5. Next morning on 06/04/06 we filed a missing persons report for my son at the PP. We went to the PP again on 08/04/06 and found that this was not converted to an FIR even when he could not be traced within 24 hours, contrary to normal practice. Our request for an FIR was turned down saying that DD no. 15 dt 05/04/06 at Sahabad Dairy PP was sufficient. The I/C of the PP showed us DD No. 15 in their Register and the statements of Akshat and Tapan in the Police file but gave us a copy of DD no. 15 only. We found that DD No 15 contained only the information about a PCR call that one person had drowned in the canal near DCE and noted that ASI Babulal would act on this. We were surprised to find that the statements in the Police file were essentially identical and there was no record of the statements signed by them on 05/04/06 which contained conflicting accounts. In these, both said that all three of them reached the canal by climbing the boundary wall of DCE from inside the college, they consumed beer before reaching the canal and marijuana on the bank of the canal and Satya drowned while trying to swim.
  6. According to the Police, intensive search was made to trace Satya in the canal using private divers for two days, Fire Brigade for many days and Indian Navy divers for days, without success. But we saw only a couple of swimmers, without any diving equipments, search from the site of the reported incident to the nearest bridge downstream of this narrow and shallow canal having a cement bed on 06/04/06 and thereafter on 11/04/06 well equipped Indian Navy divers comb the entire downstream area from the site of the reported incident with special emphasis on the small stretch already searched by the private swimmers. Immediately after the first day's search when I was present, the leader of the Navy Team told me very categorically that there was no possibility that his body could remain some where in that stretch.
  7. On 13/04/06 missing person posters were made by us in consultation with the PP which supposedly put up the posters in the nearby localities on 14/04/06 and 15/04/06. But only a few of these were used and that too only at the PP and along the canal near the reported site of the incident. Failing to get any information about my son, on 15/04/06 we directly approached the Missing Squad which, after contacting the Sahabad Dairy PP on the phone, entered the case in their Diary as DD No. 9 M/S dt 15-4-06.
  8. Next morning on 16/04/06 the Shahabad dairy PP informed us at about 0800 that a body has been recovered from the canal close to the site of the reported incident and same was being sent to B.J.R.M Hospital where we could go for identification. We reached the spot and identified him. Postmortem was done on his body and the body was handed over to us and cremated on the same day.
  9. From the Call Detail of his mobile phone we know the following additional details for the fateful day. Before leaving home he had made two calls one at 10:22 to Tapan and the other at 10:26 to Ashis [college mate]. He made two calls after reaching Rohini, one at 12:36 to Ashis and the other at 12:37 to Akshat. He also called Tapan at 13:42. According to Ashis, he met Ashis at about 14:00 and collected past question papers for photocopying. He was alone at that time. He met Ashis again at about 15:00 and returned the question papers after photocopying. He was in the company of Tapan only at that time. There were two outgoing calls from his mobile phone one at 16:02 to Mohini [college mate] and the other at 16:04 to Akshat. According to Mohini, Satya called her and said “I am going to the canal. would you like to join me?” Mohini said “I cannot join you as I have other works to do.” Satya said “well, then we shall meet in the evening.” Mohini told us that Satya was in the college at that time and that his voice was normal. Satya was reportedly drowned in the Western Jamuna Canal behind DCE while in the company of Akshat and Tapan at about 16:30. There was an outgoing call to 100 [for Police] from Satya's mobile phone at 16:38. There were no incoming calls to Satya's mobile phone on that fateful day until 16:29 when Nalin [college mate] called. According to Nalin, his call was received by Akshat who said “Satya is in the water”. Nalin exclaimed “woh pani me keya kar raha hai? oosko to tayrna ata nehi.” Akshat said “woh tayrna sikh raha hai”. Soon there was chaos and Nalin heard that Satya had drowned. There was a flurry of incoming calls to Satya's mobile phone thereafter: two brief calls from Nalin at 16:40, one call from Sastri Nagar PS at 17:05, one call from Ajay Kumar [I/C, Sahabad Dairy PP], one more call from Nalin at 17:18, one call from Satya's mother at 17:43, still one more call from Nalin at 17:48 and lastly, one call from Suparna [Satya's eldest sister] at 18:10.